Party Room Use and Procedures


The party room provides a facility for special social affairs. Each owner has an undivided interest in this facility as all costs of refurbishing, maintaining, etc., are at unit owners’ expense.

In order to protect the investment in this facility, the Board has revised the rules for the use of this facility.

1. Each unit owner desiring to utilize the facility for a social function must reserve the room for a particular date by calling the management office.

2. To safeguard the facility, each owner must sign a reservation form with a hold-harmless agreement under which any damage to the facility is the responsibility of the lessee.

3. There is a use fee of $25.00 per day which is designed to cover the cost of maintaining this facility as well as fair wear and tear. Any damage beyond fair wear and tear is the responsibility of the lessee pursuant to the hold-harmless agreement.

4. To ensure that the facility is properly maintained, each lessee must post a $75.00 cleaning fee which is based upon the commercial cost of cleaning the facility. This $75.00 is refundable only if the lessee provides his own cleaning to the satisfaction of the Sea Watch Manager. If the lessee does not provide his own cleaning to the satisfaction of management, the $75.00 deposit will be used to provide cleaning from commercial sources.

5. Children under 21 are not permitted to use the party room unless accompanied by the unit owner who must be in attendance for the entire function for which the room is leased.